SMART Kitchen equipments come from the famous DPR marquee, who have a strong market presence in Tamilnadu as sellers and distributors of popular brands of kitchen products in India since 2001 (Viz., Perlpet, FnS (Forks & Spoons) SunFlame Appliances, AllTime Plastics,.) Practical knowledge accumulated from years of discerning personal experience inspired its promoter, A.Jose Prakash, to develop, manufacture and launch a new line of high quality, ultra-utility small appliances for the modern kitchen. These products were designed to optimize the cutting edge technological advantages that the West enjoyed. Ably supported by his entrepreneur father, A.Jose Prakash went on to realize his dream of emerging as a young manufacturer of high quality kitchen appliances oriented towards the health and well being of the modern Indian at eminently affordable prices. His USP was simple yet filled a long neglected niche –Excellent Quality, Extended Warranty & Efficient On-site Service.
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